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Tours for Books is a social enterprise that organizes tours and travel services in Vietnam to generate funds to support education projects of Better Life Vietnam.

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1) Comprehensive ServicesWhen you book a tour with Tours For Books, all services will be well-arranged from the moment you arrive the airport until the time the tour ends. You will be fully-equipped with our company's phone to keep track of your itinerary and to receive 24/24 instant help from our professional tour consultants so that you can rest assured. 

2) Customer FocusTours For Books is aligned towards high-quality travel and close customer relations, which together provide the perfect conditions for a good trip. We are dedicated to service excellence that gains us customer continuity, and we believe that our customers will have the best travel experience if they feel knowledgeable, confident and carefree. 

3) Responsible Travel Profits generated from the tours will be contributed to our education fund to provide books and scholarship to underprivileged children. By choosing Tours for Books, tourists truely help us to improve lives by buying books and providing scholarships to underprivileged children.

About Us

Thinh Nguyen,

store owner

Tours For Books is a social enterprise created in partnership with Better Life Vietnam and VietDan Travel that offers a wide range of tours and travel services in Vietnam. VietDan Travel is a fully licensed international inbound tour operator recognized by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. All profits generated from Tours For Books support the programs of Better Life Vietnam, a non-profit organization that works to improve education conditions for underprivileged children and youth in Vietnam.

We offer a wide range of package tours, travel services and other travel solutions to individuals, families, large groups and travel agencies. 


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